New Rochelle Council on the Arts offering anniversary logo contest

May 11, 2012 by  

The New Rochelle Council on the Arts and the City of New Rochelle are inviting artists, printer companies, designers, and anyone 16 years of age and older to submit a new anniversary logo design representing features and qualities of the city.

In recognition of the 325th anniversary of New Rochelle, the city launched the contest to incorporate a newly designed logo that contains visual representation of growth, history, and progress over the decades.

Various members of the community have been appointed to the selection committee. Each logo submitted will be evaluated on criteria including creativity, usage of the features of the city, innovation, and style relevance. First prize for the logo selected is $325. Second and third place winners will receive $100 each with the logo designs being publicized and possibly being used at some time in the future.

Once the winning logo design has been chosen, local print companies will be providing various printing services for all new materials including business cards, stationery, fliers, and catalog printing.

A workshop is being held at the New Rochelle Public Library on May 29th from 7:00pm – 8:00pm to answer any questions regarding the logo project and explain the process in detail.

The deadline for logo submission is June 20th, 2012. All logo designs and required participation information must be submitted in both Word format and on a CD. Up to three logo bids will be accepted per entry via submission rules.

For more information, visit the New Rochelle Council on the Arts website or contact 914-632-7878, ext 3400.