Local school gathers to celebrate its Super Bowl alum

February 8, 2013 by  

Those in New Rochelle gathered as a local lead the Baltimore Ravens to victory in the Superbowl last weekend. Sunday’s game, in which the San Francisco 49ers were defeated 34-31, featured the talents of Ray Rice, who was once an All-American kid playing football at New Rochelle High School.

A strong student who excelled in classes such as astronomy, teachers remember him as being a freshman who loved practical jokes and gags, setting off firecrackers in the hallway and letting loose fire extinguishers at opportune moments while still caring a great deal for the kids in the community. His mother, Janet Rice, remains working in the New Rochelle school district to this day as a teacher’s aide for children with special needs.

Friends and family gathered in front of TV screens at their local Applebee’s to support their hometown hero. Fans revealed that not only do they admire Rice from a distance but also as a neighbor who, to this day, supports the local football team.

Other members of Rice’s family reserved the local entertainment complex and invited all the residents of the housing project where Ray Rice was brought up.

It represents giant strides from a kid who once was called a “little freshman” in the hallways of his school. No doubt New Rochelle High School will have one more thing to brag about when it comes time for their next stationery printing, although his success will come as little surprise to those who know him as a kid with a big heart, a massive amount of skill, and a good deal of determination.