Lexington Toastmasters meet-up taking place tomorrow

February 21, 2012 by  

As is usually the case with the Lexington Toastmakers, the meet-up is set to officially begin at 12:30 pm and continue for an hour. Once there attendees will have the opportunity to work on their public speaking skills as a whole. Taken from the Lexington Toastmasters’ event page:

“Lexington Toastmasters will meet on Wednesday from 12:30-1:30 for another exciting hour. The Toastmasters club offers a proven- and enjoyable!- way to practice and improve communication and leadership skills. By participating in a fun and supportive Toastmasters group, you’ll become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience, gaining confidence to succeed in whatever path you’ve chosen in life.” (sic.)

Taking place once again at LIM College, it’s clear from this quote that this isn’t the type of networking group that focuses on free mingling and leaves people to it with their business card printing. Those who attend this event will be able to acquire a fair amount of practical knowledge.

As most businesspeople are probably aware, public speaking and communication skills are an essential component of effective leadership. Lexington Toastmasters is a group that allows businesspeople and other professionals to hone their skills in a relaxed environment.

New Rochelle entrepreneurs who can make the drive should consider putting in an appearance at this meeting. Business owners have nothing to lose and since organizers have tried to emphasize the value of a “supportive learning environment”, it goes without saying that these gatherings are a great way to fill up that lunch hour.