Farmers’ market to mark Saturdays in New Rochelle

January 26, 2013 by  

Saturdays are about to become market days in New Rochelle. The city council recently agreed to allow a farmers’ market each Saturday on Library Green.

Current estimates are that 20 local vendors will sell their produce and products weekly. Selections as to which vendors will be approved to set up stalls will be made within the next month.

This development is fantastic news for local entrepreneurs as well as foodies. This market will give individuals an opportunity to create their own small business. Local producers may seek out local options to create their own advertising and branding alternatives, such as banner printing for their stalls.

Furthermore, many producers have suggested that the market will provide a unique opportunity to employ young people. Farmers of raw fruits and vegetables, culinary experts selling unique ethnic food combinations, and creators of specialist pre-prepared food will be able to drop off their products and have youths act as sales representatives.

The new market will also sponsor events such as family days, ensuring that even more members of the community will be able to reap the benefits of having access to such a great resource.

Clearly a new local farmers market will provide the community of New Rochelle with numerous opportunities to learn about local food, economics, and the importance of supporting one’s neighbors. It is surely the hope of just about everyone in this town that the Saturday farmers’ market will provide a lasting legacy for years to come.