Event held for college-bound high school women

February 21, 2014 by  

The College of New Rochelle recently held an interactive one-day event titled “Connecting the Dots” for high school women and family members from the Bronx, Westchester and Queens to learn about the college experience and careers from the students, faculty and graduates of the College.

Most likely the College turned to a variety of printing services to announce the event to those who have not been previously exposed to the college experience.

Four different academic majors were presented that include STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), fine and communication arts, nursing and human services. There were also panel discussions and a career personality exercise for the students from those already working in those fields. Parents were able to learn about the academic experience, financial aid, career development and student life. They also had many opportunities to ask about the college process and have their concerns addressed.

According to the Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions for the College, Danielle Robinson, the goal for the event was to help parents to understand that it is in ninth and tenth grade that students need to start thinking about and prepare for college. She went on to say that everyone can have the opportunity to go college and programs in the liberal arts can offer both the subject matter knowledge and skills such as critical thinking and effective communications that employers look for when doing their hiring.