City of New Rochelle announces official logo

July 17, 2012 by  

To mark the upcoming 325th anniversary of the city, a competition took place to design its new logo, where cash prizes ranged from $100 to $325 for the top three designs. The winner was Deborah Haley, a design graduate with her own custom range of jewelry, and her logo was revealed on Friday July 13th at the annual Bastille Day celebration at City Hall.

The city celebrates this French public holiday to honor their founders, Huguenots from La Rochelle, who established the city in 1688. Ms. Haley’s design was described as colorful and inventive and one that is sure to effectively promote the city during its anniversary celebrations. She received the first prize of $325 for her creative efforts. On winning, she said that her design was influenced by:

“The manifest diversity of New Rochelle’s populace and the development and cultivation of the Arts as the driving force for cohesion within the City.”

Marianne Sussman, who leads the 325th Anniversary Committee, said:

“Coming up with a great logo was really important to us because the logo sets the spirit for the year. We wanted something that would convey civic pride and celebration in equal measure.”

She emphasized that the celebration celebrates their French founders and credits additional immigration for making New Rochelle the city it is today. She added that the winning logo will appear on all official documentation, any published words, and on banners where appropriate. Promotion work of this nature is likely to require the services of qualified printing companies that specialize in banner printing and publishing.