Students sing for United Nations

February 8, 2013 by  

Students at Nanuet Barr Middle School have a lot to sing about right now, because the school’s choir was recently given the honor of performing at the United Nations as part of the Thirty Fifth Annual Lions Clubs International Day.

According to Lions Clubs International, the yearly event is meant to reflect on:

“…the similar goals of each organization, the many accomplishments of working together, and a shared commitment to meeting the humanitarian needs of the global community.”

The students who performed were a combination of fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who have been rehearsing together since the beginning of the school year. As has been evident in the numerous poster printing campaigns leading up to school concerts, the choir has exceptional talent, skill, and versatility. It was this combination which captivated the ear of Emmy winning composer Gary Fry, who recommended the group for the performance.

The opportunity for these young artists and singers to perform is of course exciting, but it must be noted that the event was particularly special, as Nanuet Barr Middle School was the only group that was invited to perform at the event.

The 20 minute long performance consisted of four songs, including one in an African dialect, one complemented by sign language, and one very special song by Gary Fry himself entitled ‘Think about a World of Peace’. Additionally, UN representatives were present, giving these young people the chance to meet influential people from all over the world.