Bus shelters become environmentally friendly

January 26, 2013 by  

Nanuet and its surrounding area is about to have one more reason to be happy on sunny days. As part of a pilot project, Rockland County recently retrofitted a bus shelter near the Exit 14 park with solar panels and lights that make use of solar energy.

Solar energy, which harnesses power from sunlight and converts it into electricity, is seen by many to be a viable alternative source of electricity. While not an ideal solution for every situation, solar power is now being investigated by a few forward-thinking municipalities as an environmentally friendly option.

In addition the providing cost efficient power, the panels will create increased safety for passengers and better lighting for those who need to read maps and schedules.

The county hopes to retrofit about 10 bus shelters each year with solar panels, provided they are integrated well in this test case. The current solar panels cost about $6,000 to install and were paid for through contributions outside the county. Should the integration of energy efficient resources be successful, Nanuet should have plenty to brag about when it comes time for their next stationery printing.

The new solar panels will harvest energy on cloudy as well as sunny days. At full capacity, the panels can provide up to 12 hours of light each night through the energy stored in its batteries during daylight hours. This is an exciting opportunity for those in the area who want to see their town become greener.