Westchester County searching for Hall of Fame nominees

December 30, 2011 by  

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“Recognizing the lifetime achievements of Westchester County’s small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate citizens, family-owned companies and women in business.”

The Westchester County Business Hall of Fame is in search of nominees.

In the interests of scoring a few fast points, now may be a good time for local businesses to consider a quick consultation with a few reliable brochure printers or stationery printers in Mount Kisco.

Having been held for the last 10 years and counting, the Business County of Hall of Fame wants to know who the best businesses around town are. Split up into five separate categories, businesses are eligible for the following area:

“The Corporate Citizenship Award

The Entrepreneurial Success Award

The Small Business Success Award

The Women in Business Success Award

The Family Business Success Award”

In an article written by Lanning Taliaferro of the Chappaqua-Mount Kisco patch site, it’s stated that:

“Members of the business community are encouraged to nominate a client, colleague, vendor, friend or their own business…”

Naturally, this is great news for business owners in the Chappaqua, Mount Kisco, New Castle, and Millwood areas.

Since this event is being sponsored by businesses that include Entergy and MasterCard Worldwide among others, this is a special occasion that benefits from having plenty of excellent financial backing. While the nomination deadline is set to January 13th, 2012, nominations can only be sent in online. With the final ceremonies taking place in April of 2012 however, it’ll be a few months before the results are revealed.