Village suspends some parking fees for holiday season

December 14, 2012 by  

In an effort to encourage holiday shopping in the downtown business district, Mount Kisco officials have again suspended meter payments in several prime shopping areas. Time limits, however, will still be enforced for the free parking zones.

Confusion has been reported in previous years, as shoppers were wont to assume that the free-of-charge parking was also free of time restraints. Meters in the designated areas are bagged and, this year, the time limits will be printed on the bags, indicating how long a single car may occupy the space.

‘Free parking’ signage is posted at the primary entrances to the village. Vagueness in the matter of time limits has historically created a contradictory situation for visitors who, reassured by those signs and the bagged meters, were routinely surprised to return to their vehicles to citations.

Both special, seasonal, and typical parking regulations are examples of policies that municipalities often communicate to constituents by means of pamphlet and brochure printing. From trash collection and pet licenses to city parks/amenities and community services available for children and seniors, all sorts of programs, services, and ordinances address the activities of day-to-day life for millions of Americans. Few are familiar with more than a modest proportion of these rules – at least until they run afoul of them.

As Mount Kisco set about refining its parking regulations, the Mayor and City Manager spent six months soliciting solutions and input from the Chamber of Commerce. While numerous complaints were registered, little consensus was achieved. The holiday policy, however, does seek to minimize frustration for both merchants and shoppers through block-by-block assessment of parking turnover and overall demand for spaces.