Legendary local diner expands

January 26, 2013 by  

The Mt. Kisco Diner is getting ready to serve even more hungry costumers. The local area planning board recently approved the expansion of the restaurant and its surrounding parking area. This request was made to the board after diner owners noted a consistent spillover of both cars and potential customers.

The diner is also revamping its image by making both cosmetic and branding changes. A stone facade will replace its stucco interior, columns and a porch will be added to the restaurant’s exterior, and the overall feel of the establishment will be “more restaurant, a little less diner,” as the original architect Russell Davidson pointed out. Alongside this new look will come the use of printing services to reestablish the overall feel of the diner.

The site plan does have some conditions to be met in order for things to move forward. These include the need for some form of screening for the residential neighbors and the construction must merge a pre-existing parking lot with that of the diner’s rather than create an entirely new structure. Additionally, the diner still needs a permit from the New York State Department of Transportation as plans include the creation of a new curb cut for increased wheelchair access.

Both the aesthetic and branding changes for this beloved diner promise to ensure the establishment’s success for years to come. Although a final date of completion has yet to be established, this expansion is bound to be a very welcome change to the community.