Honor Your Parents Fundraiser held by child care center

June 14, 2013 by  

The spring challenge held by the Mt. Kisco Child Care Center (MKCCC) will have as its theme this year ‘Honor Your Parents’. No doubt the MKCC is using flyer printing and poster printer to announce this theme to the community so as to be able to raise as much money as possible for its annual fundraiser.

Those who want to donate to the challenge are asked to write a tribute honoring a parent or significant caregiver in their lives, along with their monetary donation. In keeping with the theme, the Challenge had its start on Mother’s Day in May and will end this Sunday on Father’s Day.

So far, the MKCCC has received $15,000 in donations and this money will be matched by friends of the MKCC and a former board member. The Challenge last year raised $50,000 and it is hoped that this year the Challenge will be able to raise the same amount.

The Jane H. Beusman Children’s Fund that the Center has will be the beneficiary of the Challenge money. Jane H. Beusman dedicated her life to families and children in Westchester County for over 40 years. Money from the Challenge will be used to provide scholarships to those children who do not have the funds for but want to attend the MKCCC.

The mission of the MKCCC is to provide care that is affordable to all children, and to make it possible for parents to find employment and feel comfortable that the environment in which they leave their children during the day is safe and nurturing.