Chopping and changing seen among Mt. Kisco food offerings

October 14, 2013 by  

The new Chop’t Creative Salad Company in Mt. Kisco held its grand opening at the beginning of the month with a taste of the newest food option in the community, during which customers who made a $2 donation to County Harvest were able to eat free during the lunchtime hour the day before the grand opening. No doubt Chop’t used a variety of printing services to let the community become aware of this pre-grand opening event, which is part of its ‘Chop’t Gives’ campaign.

Chop’t plans to donate $100,000 per year to food and wellness organizations, starting with County Harvest, which takes excess goods and products still in good condition and gives them to over 16 other non-profit agencies in Westchester County. Its goal is to help kids eat more healthily.

According to Mike LaPlaca, Vice President for the company, the event not only served a good cause but helped the staff to get into a rhythm and practice on live customers before the grand opening, while also letting those customers to get a taste of their offerings.

Founded in 2001 by Tony Shure and Colin McCabe, two friends in college, Chop’t makes salads of a more creative nature by using seasonal and local produce and creating its own dressings. The duo’s core menu consists of 12 classic salads and three salads of a more seasonal nature, with super-seasonal salads also available and using local produce when it is at its peak.