Students inspired by 365 acts of kindness

February 6, 2013 by  

Each year students from Paumanok Elementary School choose a theme on which to base their school wide curriculum. Servicing communities such as Merrick and the surrounding areas, this year’s theme was inspired by the events of Hurricane Sandy and the massive efforts that the community, both with children and without, found through the actions of others who insisted on helping during an exceptional time.

The concept ‘Acts of Kindness 365 Days a Year’ is meant to be incorporated throughout all areas of the curriculum, in all subjects, at every grade level. From math class to physical education, lessons will be geared towards understanding compassion and finding creative and empathetic ways to aid each other.

The theme was unveiled at the school in late January to students, families, and friends who loved walking through the building and seeing ideas involving the theme expressed through drawings, stories, classroom displays, and banner printing. In addition, there were many interactive activities which brought neighbors together to kick off the year of generosity.

Half Holllow Hills School District, which includes Paumanok Elementary School, serves students in kindergarten through Grade 12 in its area. Offering a blend of academics, athletics, and the arts, the district strives to excel at creating a community of learning and care on Long Island. The district prides itself on being intimate and small while stretching out to incorporate the involvement of the local businesses, cultural, and community gems. In addition, local families offer their support to the school, thus giving it an even firmer foundation