Search for cheaper water in Merrick

July 12, 2012 by  

At a June 5 meeting in the hamlet of Merrick, New York, the Water Authority of Southeastern Nassau County has announced that a feasibility study for acquiring cheaper water in the area will begin in September 2012. Meetings such as these are often promoted using poster printing and other promotional methods to inform concerned residents of pertinent meeting schedules. Driven by rising water costs and complaints from residents, the study will determine if cheaper water can be obtained using other methods or suppliers.

The study will cost in the region of $55,000 and, thanks to a donation of $50,000 from the nearby city of Hempstead, obtaining funds is unlikely to be an issue. The study is estimated to last three to six months. If the outcome of the study is positive, then local authorities will take steps to implement solutions immediately but if a negative result is obtained, other ideas will need to be considered.

One resident questions the requirement to pay taxes for properties that water companies possess in other areas. Legis. Dave Denenberg agreed with this observation, indicating that several residents had brought this to his attention. He also personally believes that it is not acceptable for residents in other areas to pay for properties owned by the water companies in other school districts and said:

“It’s not right to make a payment in lieu of taxes just because there is property owned there.”

Water companies blame this on increased expenses and indicate that other locations also include water tax, in addition to billing for usage. A follow-up water authority meeting will take place on September 12, 2012.