New York Group held December 27th workshop

December 30, 2011 by  

NYC Practical Business Skills for MBAs, Managers and Entrepreneurs held another workshop on December 27th, 2011.

Priced at an ultra-affordable $10 per person, businesspeople were once again invited to New York’s JujoMukti Tea Lounge for a Tuesday meeting. The title of this meeting had been making the rounds under the theme ‘Learn by Doing!’. The event took place from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and attendees were able to finish up the day on a productive night. With topics covered including areas like finance, profitable concepts, and public speaking for business professionals.

Taught by some of the most knowledgeable people in the business world, the skills building portion of this event was informative enough for everyone involved.

Other than the excellent material used in its workshops, probably one of the biggest pulls for members of NYC Practical Business Skills are the networking opportunities present. Within the group’s information pages, here’s what it had to say on this subject:

“Members will have a chance to interact with other fellow members & volunteers from top MBA schools and coporations such as Goldman Sacs, Morgan Stanley, P&G, American Express, Consulting Firms (McKinsey, BCG, PwC, Deloitte,..), etc.”

As a group that prides itself on its ability to impart knowledge to entrepreneurs and other professionals in ways that are easy to understand, it’s worth noting that NYC Practical Business Skills members are also individuals who are worth exchanging business cards with as well.

Those Merrick professionals who could make the trip to this event, found that the information provided could prove valuable to their business. They also made sure to bring a steady supply of business card printing with them so that they could make some new and important business connections.