Merrick Spring Festival April 28th and 29th

April 14, 2012 by  

Local service and goods providers are getting another chance to show their wares at the Merrick Spring Festival. Taking place over the course of two days on April 28th and 29th, this is a magnificent opportunity for business owners who are interested in promoting themselves.

With winter firmly out of the way and the weather starting to heat up, Merrick residents are spending more time getting out and about. The Merrick Spring Festival is an excellent example of how local businesses can work with the community to put on an event that all sides can benefit from.

Featuring lots of handmade craft items that can be used as multi-occasion gifts when the opportunity comes up. Between the discounts and the sheer variety of items that will buyers will be able to choose from, the Spring Festival’s high attendance rates are to be expected.

In light of the fact that there are going to be thousands of people coming to the Spring Festival along with space for roughly 100 exhibitors, goods and service providers who are interested in showcasing themselves here will need to come prepared. After all, not all of those buyers will be able to make a purchase on the spot.

For the sake of drawing attention and giving prospects a means of staying connected, the printing services of a print company that provides flyer printing as well as poster printing and some banner printing will likely be needed.

As far as marketing goes, the Merrick Spring Festival is a fantastic option for small business.