Career Fair and Open House celebrates milestone anniversary for Darby Dental

October 7, 2013 by  

As part of its celebrations for its 65 years in business, Darby Dental Supply LLC, a distributor across the United States of dental merchandise, will be holding a career fair at the Melville Marriott for the 55 new internal positions it plans to fill over the next six months.

Some of the roles include office supply sales specialists, inside account managers, collection clerks, web designers, and staff accountants. Companies hosting job fairs often use poster printing to keep qualified individuals up to date.

In addition to the career fair, the company will be holding an Open House at its headquarters in Jericho. Attendees at both events will be able to submit their resumes, and interviews for qualified individuals with hiring managers will be held during the Open House.

Commenting on the two events, the firm’s HR vice president, Jill Halpin, said the company is very happy to be able to provide new job opportunities for people in the community, highlighting its role as a company based on Long Island. The company values its employees and considers them to be its greatest asset in providing a high quality service to its customers.

In addition, the company hopes that its opportunities are more than just jobs for its employees and represent real careers.

When the company was founded in 1948, it started with nine employees; now, it has 160 on Long Island and 371 across the nation.

The Career Fair in Melville is scheduled for tomorrow (October 8) while the Open House is set for Saturday October 12.