Stephen Bennett concert on April 21st

April 14, 2012 by  

The Long Island Finger Style Guitar Club is going to be hosting a dual workshop and concert event on the 21st of April.

Between the workshop that’s starting at 2:00 pm, the Open Mic at 6:00 pm, and the concert being held an hour later at 7:00 pm, April 21st is already shaping up to be an incredibly busy day for those who are planning to attend. Fortunately for members and non-members alike, each of these segments will serve a very specific purpose.

For finger style guitar enthusiasts, the workshops are excellent opportunities to hone skills and learn a little bit more about how the experts play in styles that include everything from Ragtime to the Blues. The regular Open Mic portion is essentially where guitarists of all levels are invited to come out and show what they’re capable of.

What separates this particular evening from others, however, is the presence of Stephen Bennett. An award-winning guitarist who has earned every last bit of his critical acclaim, Bennett is perhaps best known as a master picker. One doesn’t have to be an aficionado to appreciate his skill and as such tickets are available to everyone. The varying bundles serve to ensure that everyone is able to attend exactly what they want.

Between the excellent material and the opportunity to display digital business cards and more on the group website, Massapequa Park-based companies can’t go wrong contacting the Long Island Finger Style Guitar Club for more information on what sponsorship packages are available.