Royal affair for Massapequa Park ice cream parlor opening

June 16, 2013 by  

Last Monday, June 10, saw something of an event for Massapequa Park, as the Dairy Queen ice cream chain finally came to town.

It was a memorable day too, with a line of folks desperate to taste the sweet ice cream snaking its way through the new store and out into the street. There were even reports of cars driving the block waiting until they could get clear in the drive-thru lanes.

It was certainly a good day for the owner of the new franchise, Laura Maier, who completely renovated the old Burger King site. With flyer and banner printing all taken care of for the big day, she said:

“I grew up in New Jersey and I’ve always loved Dairy Queen.

“I moved out here a number of years ago and I wondered why we didn’t have any.”

For two years, Maier worked to bring ice cream to Massapequa, and the folks here certainly seem pleased, with one saying that now she does not have to wait until vacation time comes round.

While many people will likely use the drive-thru, many more may prefer to sit inside, enjoying the ambiance. Complete with an artificial fireplace and an HDTV panel, it is clear the owner has put effort into setting up shop.

With summer now well on its way too, it is the ideal time to open and, with Maier saying she is bringing back the popular Orange Julius, she will be hoping the line could be staying long for some time.