New American armor museum to be located near Massapequa Park

September 27, 2013 by  

Officials from New York State, the County of Nassau, and other donors have recently announced that the Museum of American Armor will be located in Old Bethpage, just 10 miles north of Massapequa Park.

The Museum will be 25,000 square feet in size and house a major collection of armored vehicles from the World War II era. It will be its own museum complex and separate from the buildings in the Old Bethpage Village Restoration in Nassau County.

According to County Executive, Edward P. Mangano, the construction of the museum was made possible by a $1m grant recently awarded by the New York State Economic Development Corporation and a further $1m gift from Lawrence Kadish, founder of the Museum of American Armor.

The permanent displays in the museum will include exhibits highlighting unique military events in the history of the United States, a Wall of Honor that pays tribute to those from the area who have served in the military, and interactive displays showing how armor was used to defend freedom around the world.

There will also be a variety of operational vehicles, such as the Sherman tank, a 155mm howitzer, a light tank used during World War II, anti-aircraft guns, a classic LaSalle car, weapons carriers, half-tracks, and several jeeps.

No doubt poster printing is being used throughout the town and the county to make the community aware of this new tourist destination, with construction beginning on September 30.