Give blood and save a life

June 13, 2012 by  

A blood drive will be held at the Massapequa Public Library on Wednesday, June 27.

Locals are urged to come to the library’s Bar Harbour Building, located at 40 Harbour Lane in Massapequa Park, between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm, to donate blood. Your donation can save a life, or even two or three. A local print company is likely to be providing services, such as flyer printing, to give library patrons information about the blood drive.

Volunteer donors are a vital source of blood for needy patients all over the world. The World Health Organization’s goal is for all donations to be made on a voluntary basis, but in 2006, a survey of 124 nations worldwide showed that only 49 had made this a standard. Even in the United States, some types of blood are collected in exchange for compensation.

The discovery of blood types in the first few decades of the twentieth century was a key factor in making successful transfusions possible. The United States government first established a program for the collection of blood in 1940, during World War II, and the Red Cross collected 13 million pints during the war years. Today, the focus is on improved testing for diseases such as HIV and hepatitis to ensure safety towards blood recipients.

Before or after the blood drive, donors can enjoy some of the many other community services offered by the library, including a help desk for senior citizens, internet access through public computers, kids’ and teens’ program, and even passes to nearby museums.