Fourth of July celebrations attract thousands to Massapequa Park

July 7, 2012 by  

The celebrations in Massapequa Park this year have exceeded all expectations with thousands in attendance, with many traveling from outside the area to witness the spectacle. With events of this nature, advertising helps increase attendance and the use of flyer and poster printing may have assisted the organizers in achieving this goal by raising awareness.

The fireworks display took place in Mansfield Memorial Park and delighted spectators for miles around the location. Live music and copious amounts of food were available to all and unlike last year, when Nassau County stepped in to provide the necessary funding, Mayor James Altadonna explained that a mild winter meant the village was able to budget for the display on this occasion.

Mayor Altadonna indicated that he was proud that the village paid for the event themselves was delighted with the attendance, emphasizing how vital it is to remember the importance of freedom and to honor those who gave their lives in fighting for it. He said:

“It’s a celebration of America and we’re blessed to have our troops, and the men and women that sacrificed for us so that we could have this day.”

Auto drivers had to park several blocks away to attend the event but this did not dampen their enthusiasm and many showed up with lawn chairs and other temporary seating in order to fully enjoy the event. Those lucky enough to live close to the location did not need to brave the crowds and witnessed the fireworks from nearby streets.