Civic organizations to be linked on website

February 9, 2013 by  

The Massapequa Park area, including the town of Oyster Bay, is looking to come together. There is a call for civic organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, to be listed on the town’s website.

Such an initiative has yet to be realized but is desperately needed, according to Councilman Anthony Macgnone, who says:

“By listing civic organizations and the Chambers of Commerce, residents in our communities have a handy resource for contacting the organizations that represent them. It also gives the organizations more exposure and an opportunity to expand their membership.

“The town’s goal is to have its website serve as a valuable resource to our residents by providing an on-line information hub that offers a wide range of information and news about our town, as well as issues and events.”

With this editorial change to the website, there will be a single page which readers can use as a jumping off point to the individual civic organizations’ homepages. It is important to note that this alteration does not seek to replace these websites. Rather, the effort is to provide an index to the public resources the town has to offer.

As this single page addition has yet to be implemented on Oyster’s Bay’s site, town officials are still looking for organizations to include in the listing. Causes like this can often be supported by a poster printing campaign and might require a new batch of business card printing, so local print companies could also benefit from the idea.