Weekend walking comes to Welwyn

February 15, 2013 by  

Single locals who felt lonely on Valentine’s Day can life their spirits by taking a walk among nature this weekend.

7-In-Heaven Singles will be hosting a walk on the Welwyn Preserves near Glen Cove, New York. The walk will begin at 11:00 am and will travel through two or three miles of trails in the area. Guests will be treated to scenic views of the Long Island Sound and perhaps some sightings of the animals who inhabit the area in winter. Guests are advised to wear layers of clothing to keep warm. They may also want to bring bird seed or other food items to feed animals along the trails who sometimes have a difficult time foraging in winter and can also visit the Glen Cove Mansion where they can purchase drinks or meals.

The event is open to all ages, and the trails should be easy to walk, so this is not just an excursion for the very young. There is a $5 admission fee to help cover the costs of the event. Those who wish to visit the Holocaust Museum should also be aware that there is a $10 suggested donation.

Print companies may be called on by 7-In-Heaven organizers to get the word out about this event. Flyers posted or handed out in areas that are close to the Welwyn Preserves, like Glen Cove, Locust Valley, Port Washington, or Manhasset could go a long way towards generating more attendees, which means more people attending for 7-In-Heaven and more potential date options for their clients.
The work will take place on Sunday, February 17.