Manhasset workshop to demonstrate colonial cooking techniques

September 23, 2017 by  

An event will soon be taking place in Manhasset that will give a glimpse into what daily life was like during colonial times.

The Queens County Farm Museum has invited locals to take a step back in time as they watch a demonstration of open-hearth cookery, which was common in the 18th Century. The cooks will be demonstrating a variety of food preparation techniques that were used in the 1700s, and will follow the recipes that were in use at the time.

The food will be prepared using seasonal ingredients that can be sourced from the local area, and will be cooked over the embers of a fire. It will be a hands-on activity, on those who come out will be encouraged to join in the preparation. Once it is ready, they will be able to sample the dishes that may well have been enjoyed by their ancestors.

Everyone who come to the event will walk away with a set of 18th-Century recipes that have been adapted to suit modern cookery methods and equipment. Digital copying can be utilized to make copies of items for a function such as this.

This workshop, which is open to those age 18 and over, has been planned for November 18 in Floral Park. Anyone who would like to find out more can do so through the farm’s Facebook page.