Long Island set for an Italian job

September 8, 2013 by  

A little bit of Italy will be coming to Long Island next weekend when Hofstra University hosts its 21st annual Italian Festival. Guests will be treated to traditional Italian music, dance, and singing performances. They will also be able to enjoy Italian food and wine, if they are of age, and there will be a crafts fair area featuring Italian designs. The festival is meant to celebrate and feature the many different ways in which Italian culture has impacted American life.

Hofstra hosts other cultural festivals as well, with the intent of exploring how different cultures have influenced America over the years. Their Irish and Dutch festivals are are popular, and take place in March and May respectively.

Organizers for this event may turn to printing companies to create advertising for it. Flyers and promotional posters are a great way to draw in crowds. If there is a mailing list, postcard printing companies might be able to help as well. Hofsta will no doubt want the event to be well attended so that it can connect with the Long Island community, even in parts of it that are farther afield like Roslyn or Manhasset.

The event begins at 11:00 am and runs until 5:00 pm on Sunday, September 15th. It will take place outdoors on the South Campus whether it is raining or sunny. There is a general admission fee of $7 and a $5 fee for children and seniors who wish to attend. Hofstra students, faculty, and staff will be able to attend the event free of charge.