Improving Business Lecture March 30th

March 20, 2012 by  

Professionals from Garden City, and the surrounding area, have the option of hearing the President & CEO of the Long Island Association give a presentation on “Improving the Business Climate on Long Island”.

On March 30th, the Garden City Chamber of Commerce will be hosting an afternoon event in which Kevin Law, of the Long Island Association, will be discussing the ways in which professionals and business owners can do as the title says and work towards “Improving the Business Climate on Long Island”.

First founded in the year 1926, the Long Island Association has had plenty of time to establish a strong reputation for itself. With a stated goal of helping make life in Long Island better for residents, employees, and business owners, when one looks at the organization’s history, it is that of working to provide a higher standard of work and living for all people within its borders.

Since this organization has worked with a variety of companies and non-profits while consistently showing a remarkable dedication to the cause of helping small businesses, there’s no question that the content of Mr. Law’s presentation will be fascinating. The fact that the Long Island Association also acts as a regional Chamber of Commerce further demonstrates this point.

Starting at 11:30am and ending at 12:30pm, there’s no question this has been scheduled to suit the needs of professionals. With so many other business owners attending, it can’t hurt for Manhasset entrepreneurs to arrive at the Garden City Hotel with business card printing on the 30th.