Village of East Rockway to Receive $200,000

April 20, 2012 by  

Between the new influx of cash and the upcoming golf outing that’s taking place, things are looking up for the community of Lynbrook and its residents.

Among the latest headlines is the news that East Rockway is going to be receiving a sizable amount of cash through the 2006 Environmental Bond Act. According to reports, the total amount comes to $200,000, and is supposed to go towards making improvements in Oxbow Park. Projects that the money will go towards include the purchase of fencing, landscaping, the building of a new gazebo, and even the set-up of a waterfront walkway. With the funds coming from Nassau County, the Village of East Rockway will be able to see its plans through.

If the news about Oxbow Park wasn’t exciting enough, it’s clear that preparations are underway for the Lynbrook Community Chest Mayors Golf Outing. Although by now there’s likely some flyer printing or poster printing that’s visible around town, Lynbrook residents will be interested to know that the official date of this event has been listed as May 14th. With the proceeds going towards an excellent cause in the Community Chest, this is an excellent opportunity to go out and enjoy the nice weather outside. In many respects the meal at the end is going to be the icing on the cake.

Priced at $95 per person, those who like the idea of joining in on a few rounds at the Seawane Club on the 14th can’t go wrong signing up for this one.