Revitalisation of Lynbrook business district discussed

April 17, 2013 by  

The Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce (LCC) has met to discuss the state of business in the village, with a number of initiatives in the pipeline to boost the area. A key initiative to promote businesses that serve the community is the Shop Local program.

The initiative is specifically designed to help folks in the village spend their dollars here, and improve the area through the profits. As well as distributing loyalty cards to all 22,000 residents, the LCC website will promote the scheme. The loyalty cards will be dispatched in copies of the Lynbrook Almanac through May 2013.

The newly designed website will also allow local businesses to promote events, alongside their usual marketing strategies and stationery printing runs. Printable coupons will also be provided via the website, many of which will be designed and offered by the program’s members directly.

The exclusive community discounts will allow Lynbrookites to get discounts on food and drink, groceries, and items in many retail stores.

In order for the scheme to be a success, it is imperative that local traders get behind it. Already, this seems to be very much the case, with well-respected shops and restaurants already backing the initiative.

Recognizing the growing importance that social networks have to play in business today too, the LCC has launched a new Facebook page, which will also drive the loyalty scheme.

To raise the profile of the scheme even further, the LCC will launch a logo competition in May, which will be open to everyone in the Lynbrook area.