New York networking group to have first meet-up

January 25, 2012 by  

Smarter Business by Design has chosen February 21st as the date of its first meeting.

Newly formed with a starting date of January 10th, Smarter Business by Design has already amassed more than 50 members for itself. With its people-oriented approach and its focus on facilitating the exchange of ideas, Lynbrook professionals have a lot to gain from attending this event. Not just in terms of exchanging business card printing but also in terms of achieving true growth.

As the website clearly states:

“Presentations are always new and innovative. Profitable ideas you can benefit from immediately. I started this group as a place where we can learn new ideas from each other. As a business architect I will share my invaluable secrets. You share yours. We all get smarter at business. An emphasis on building strong relationships. Every event will include a session where we learn new, powerful methods for running a smarter business. Expecting a two way discussion. Some advanced topic like Blue Ocean, Business Modeling and Strategy. Come be a part of our Smarter Business Community.”

Although the group’s vision has been clearly explained, the exact plan for this meet-up hasn’t been set in stone just yet. Organizers do say that the agenda will be posted on the website soon.

With the cost adding up to a total of $20 per person, this is going to be an affordable meeting in any case. The strong support and the close proximity to Lynbrook make this an event to watch for.