New businesses setting their stalls in Lynbrook

December 24, 2012 by  

With Sandy’s impact last month still affecting many communities in the wider New York area, one business has decided to head to Lynbrook for a new start. It is not the only new business likely to arrive here in 2013 either.

Having been hit badly by the storm, auctioneers Philip and Emily Weiss have decided to up haul from their 25-year-old roots in Oceanside, and move the short distance to Lynbrook. Talking about the move, the owners of Philip Weiss Auctions said:

“The business took a direct hit and our home sustained a good bit of damage, too.

“It was hard to sit by and watch two months pass without any sales. The Oceanside facility was a total loss. We can’t do business there. Fortunately, the bulk of consignors’ material was safe as the staff spent days raising and securing the property.”

The new premises, on Merrick Road, was seen as ideal for the company and, since it is still in the same geo area, business will not be too disrupted. The first live sale at the site will not take place until February at the earliest, giving plenty of time for a fresh supply of business card printing .

However, an internet sale will take place in the early part of the year to replace two canceled events from November.

More new business cards, posters, leaflets, and all manner of stationery printing may also be required following the purchase of a commercial building in Lynbrook. The site, snapped up by Sino Cement, is likely to be developed in the future.