Nearly opening time for the Islanders

September 21, 2013 by  

Just months after celebrating what was their best season in 10 years, the New York Islanders are expecting huge crowds for the new season.

Sales of tickets for the 2013 / 14 season have likely got off to a great start. Released at the start of September, poster printing decked out Lynbrook and the surrounding areas to let sports fans know.

The first home match of the season sees the Islanders up against the Columbus Blue Jackets, and there is already great excitement for the first game of the season too, which sees the team on the road.

On the road is not quite accurate though; the first puck down for the season sees a local tie against rivals the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center.

Well known for being supported by families also rooting for the Islanders, it will probably not just be the field of play that is cold and icy on October 5.

Another great season will be expected of the Islanders though; particularly as it is one of their last seasons taking to the ice on Long Island. After that, the relocation to Brooklyn will be complete, leaving the Island without a pro NHL team.

The Islanders move to the Barclays Center will leave a hole, but this could be picked up by a minor league team.

The AHL team has yet to be confirmed though, and will depend on how successful the redevelopment of the Nassau Coliseum is.

There are also rumors that the Coliseum could still host a number of Islanders home ties, which would no doubt please Lynbrook and LI folks all over.