Malverne Fire Department holds blood drive

August 14, 2012 by  

While the Farmers’ Market and similar events have been going strong for quite some time, the Malverne Fire Department, with its Blood Drive and night-time entertainment being made available to residents, is working to ensure that Lynbrook residents have even more options available to them this August.

With the Fire Department hosting a blood drive, baseball fans and general well-wishers are being encouraged to come out and donate. Although the drive has already started, since it opened on last Saturday, August 11, it is expected to conclude this Thursday, August 16. Beyond the opportunity to do a good deed and get things done that way, donors have a bit of an added incentive here with organizers mailing out free Mets tickets to those who give blood. Since the game will be taking place at Citifield, the location could hardly be any better for most local and nearby residents.

The requirements are fairly broad, with an age requirement of 16 to 75 years, ID, no tattoos that have been done within the last year, and a weight of more than 110 pounds being listed as the main standards, along with the stipulation that potential donors be nourished and well-hydrated. Even though it is likely that print companies have been asked to provide poster printing and flyer printing ahead of this one, it never hurts to get a reminder.

Speaking of evening events to consider, Lynbrook residents can now go to Valencia Ravioli on Saturdays for weekend entertainment. With the fun starting every week at 6:00 pm, interested individuals can pop in and see what the atmosphere is like.