Local Lynbrook school fair hailed as great success

March 11, 2013 by  

March 6 saw Lynbrook West End Elementary host its inaugural science fair. Attended by students from the fifth and fourth grades, it seems to have been a great success, with the gymnasium packed with parents and school administrators too.

While the 45 students all enjoyed the event, it was only possible thanks to the efforts of Joanne Huffine, a parent of a West End student. It is set to become a regular fixture too, as Huffine, also a member of the PTA, said:

“We are looking forward to the excitement to carry over to next year and include third graders.”

The fair saw the students present their scientific work, complete with live experiments, to the gathered audience. With the help of handy poster printing and leaflet printing too, everyone could fully enjoy what each experiment aimed at finding out.

The topics, all chosen by the students, were very varied. Each one was worked on by a student working on his or her own, or with one of their peers; showing that great confidence and teamwork are also evident at the school.

As well as the hard work put in by Huffine, the efforts of science tutor Annmarie Roth, a committee, and the students themselves cannot be underestimated. The first proposals for experiments were submitted back in December.

To give an extra level of expertise to the event, members of Lynbrook High School’s Science Research Program, led by teacher David Shanker, critiqued the work of the participants.