Two workshops for professionals to consider

March 19, 2012 by  

As usual, residents of Long Island City can choose from a large number of events even with the month of March winding down. However, the proposal writing seminar and TheBizDen Business Summit 2012 are two specific occasions that are of interest to local entrepreneurs.

Of the two, the Proposal Writing Seminar is taking place the soonest on March 30th. In certain industries a company can use a flyer printing campaign and get some initial interest, but whether or not those inquiries turn into lucrative contracts will all depend on how well professionals can write. Whether responding to a request for a proposal or putting a submission through to the government, knowing how to write a proposal is a valuable skill. Beginning 9:00 am at Foundation Center New York, local professionals and those working in the non-profit sector have a chance to attend and get a little more information on this important topic.

Making the leap over TheBizDen Business Summit 2012, business owners will have a unique chance to go to the Nyit Auditorium and hear an extensive panel of entrepreneurs and speakers talk about their own backgrounds in business and the latest trends they see developing with respect to areas like technology, education, and finance among others. Taking place early next month on April 4th and starting at 5:30 pm besides, there’s plenty of time for Long Island City professionals to make the trip over.

Whatever an individual is looking for, these are two practical events that professionals can attend.