Manhattan in the midst of a feast

September 19, 2012 by  

This fall marks the 86th annual Feast of San Gennaro in Manhattan’s Little Italy. A traditional fall festival held in honor of Naples‘ patron saint, the feast is well underway and runs for 11 days and features a variety of celebratory activities.

35 of the neighborhood’s most famous restaurants will be set up for outdoor eating and over 300 street vendors will be on hand serving traditional Italian street food, like cannoli and sausage and pepper sandwiches.

There are also live music performances running every evening during the week and from noon on Saturday and Sunday.

The festival began on September 13 but it runs until this Sunday, September 23. Those who wish to attend can still catch a pizza-eating competition on tomorrow afternoon, a preview of new stage musicals on Friday, a live Sirius Satellite Radio broadcast on Saturday night, and a performance by Jenna Esposito to close out the festivities on Sunday evening.

The New York Fire Department and The Society of St. Anthony Giovanozzo will be holding their annual blood drive at St. Patrick’s Basilica Youth Center on Sunday as well.

Printing companies will no doubt be hard at work creating flyers to promote this event. Though it is a well-known New York tradition, restaurants and other vendors in the area will want to draw in all of the patrons that they can. Advertising for the outer boroughs, in areas like Long Island City , could bring in even greater crowds than normal.