Laugh along with Long Island City

May 17, 2012 by  

Long Island City is full of laughter these days. The Laughing Devil Comedy Club has organized a comedy festival which began on May 12 and will run through to this Sunday, May 20.

The festival is taking place at a variety of comedy venues throughout Long Island City. Around 100 different comedians are set to perform over the course of the week, some of them big names like Gary Gulman from the TV show Last Comic Standing but many of them are also up-and-comers. The director for the festival, Steve Hofstetter, says:

“Any good festival should have some celebrity shows, but also should be a showcase for emerging artists.”

In addition to being hired by the clubs to tell their jokes, the comedians will also be competing for a cash prize. One of the rules of the festival is that a comedian cannot use the same routine twice, which makes this competitive element a bit more challenging and Hofstetter is under no illusions as to the quantity of material which the acts must have at their disposal.

A similar event, held in Atlanta, is said by the organizers to have attracted a good crowd as well as famous comedians from around the United States, including some from Comedy Central, IFC, TruTV, and the David Letterman Show, among. Hofstetter has similar hopes for the comedy festival in Long Island City. There is no doubt that printing companies will have been hard at work churning out flyers, advertising banners, and other promotional items to help make this comedy festival a laughing good time.