International Association of Business Communicators event taking place February 22nd

February 16, 2012 by  

New York’s International Association of Business Communicators group will be hosting an event called “Integrating Digital and Traditional Marketing: Creating more power” on the 22nd of February.

Some people prefer regular business card printing while other are more interested in seeing what digital business cards can do for them. At this event being hosted by the International Association of Business Communicators, the question being asked is “Why not both?”

Being held at the American National Standards Institute in New York City, members of the Long Island City business community are invited to come along with other professionals to learn about how the Internet can really bolster a team’s marketing efforts. Taken from the site:

“The digital realm holds the future of marketing and communications. Digital tactics, such as social media, mobile apps, e-marketing, blogs, streaming video, texting, and search engine marketing provide new, cost-effective ways to connect with your internal and external audiences. How do you integrate these digital tools into your traditional marketing and communications plans to create strategic synergy and achieve maximum impact?”

Interestingly enough, prospective attendees have no choice but to register through the Internet. According to the very same advertisement:

“Online registration closes on February 21st at 3 PM

Onsite registration will not be available”

With members paying a mere $20 for entrance and non-members being charged $45 to attend, this workshop is also within the range of most budgets.

Starting conveniently after work at 6:00 pm, “Integrating Digital and Traditional Marketing” is an evening event that Long Island City entrepreneurs may want to consider.