Diverse restaurant opens second LI City location

December 15, 2013 by  

A Queens restaurant well used to pushing boundaries is back on the culinary map, and this time it’s heading right to Long Island City in the borough.

Taking up residency in the fast developing Court Square part of the borough, M. Wells Steakhouse is set to become a haven for all meat eaters. With banner printing no doubt used to proclaim its grand December opening last Thursday, its owners said:

“We feel like Long Island City needs us and we need them.”

When it first opened, the original M. Wells Diner’s regular menu of beef and seafood soon attracted fans. With the adding of such delicacies as General Tso Sweetbreads and tripe pizza too, it was not long being visited by many curious diners from farther afield.

The new restaurant seems to be carrying on the unusual elements too. Supposedly, the new restaurant will include a concrete trough full of live trout as decoration, for example. A catamaran boat is also likely to make an appearance.

It is likely to make headlines for the food it serves too. The M Wells Dinette, sited at the MoMA PS 1 museum, has already raised eyebrows by putting a horse meat tartare on the card.

With the owners already saying the menu could soon have lion meat and rattlesnake offered, it is clear that it will still be making waves, and locals will also be hoping that it can hand a boost to the area’s economy.