Liverpool hosts an auction for the blind and deaf

May 17, 2012 by  

The non-profit agency Aurora of CNY, Inc. will be holding its annual fundraiser, “A Musical Feast for the Eyes and Ears,” at 6:00 pm this evening (May 17.)

The event will take place at The Lodge on the grounds of Welch Allyn’s headquarters in Skaneateles Falls, which is located near Liverpool, New York. The Honorary Chairs for the event are Dr. and Mrs. Murray Grossman. The fundraiser will feature both silent and live auctions, in which donated items and certificates will be sold. Anyone who is able to donate something will be recognized in the company’s printed materials and on its website.

Aurora of CNY has existed for almost 95 years and creates programs to help and improve the lives of those who are visually-impaired or hard of hearing. Roughly 90 percent of the money generated by the fundraiser goes towards developing and maintaining these programs, which help teach, rehabilitate, empower, and support those who are blind, visually-impaired, deaf, or hard of hearing.

Printing companies will no doubt be hard at work creating brochures and other printed material to be used at the fundraiser itself. It is also likely that Aurora will need printed material in order to promote the event. The fundraiser is an important event for them, so they will need a large promotional effort to bring buyers to the auctions. Making nearby businesses aware of it will also be vital, as they will need donations, such as gift baskets and gift certificates, in order to have products available to auction.