Lake lights continue to entertain in Liverpool

December 15, 2013 by  

Folks from across the area are getting into the holiday season in many ways, with the annual Lights on the Lake show at Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool being a definite highlight for many.

Opening last month, amid much ceremony – and no little banner, flyer, and poster printing – the event is now in its 24th year. A drive-through affair, many families would have taken advantage of the preview walk-through event.

Dog owners were also able to take advantage of a preview event, with the ever popular Lights on the Lake Dog Walk taking place on November 20.

A two mile stretch is lit up throughout and, with traditional and more contemporary holiday characters putting on their own entertainment too, the walk-throughs were very popular.

From now until its close in the new year, the lake is only open to car traffic. Anyone attending the event can look forward to a number of new arrivals on the displays, which include an impressive 33-foot high tornado. Taken from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ Disney film, the whole thing is animated too.

It is not all about impressive displays though. With increasing energy costs, it will reassure many to know that some 75% of the lights used in the displays are now the more efficient LEDs. Last year, this was just 30%. Organisers are confident that they will soon be using only LED lights across all of the displays.

The show runs through January 12, every day, from 5:00 pm until 10 pm.