Lindenhurst To Get A New Aldi

April 14, 2012 by  

Where new openings are concerned, it’s worth pointing out that in an exciting turn of events Lindenhurst will be welcoming the presence of a new Aldi Supermarket in 2013.

Things are looking up for the community of Lindenhurst with the introduction of the new Aldi Supermarket. Unique for a supermarket in that it doesn’t accept credit cards, the discounts and savings on various groceries have been drawing in customers for an incredibly long time.

Long considered to be a great place for the budget-conscious shopper, Aldi employs a business model that’s built on getting customers some of the best deals available on the market. Offering both popular and lesser known brands, this chain has taken great pains to ensure that people have as many affordable options as possible to choose from.

For those not in the know, Aldi is a German-based company that prides itself on its ability to give shoppers options at reasonable prices

Although not as common in the United States, Aldi has become a recognized name in Germany and several other countries. With its reach and its well established reputation around the world, Lindenhurst residents have a lot to look forward to when the doors of this supermarket chain open for the first time.

Given the company’s strong history of offering low prices, Aldi will no doubt use flyer printing services to keep customers informed of its special deals and coupon offers as it looks to establish its reputation amongst Lindenhurst shoppers.