Lindenhurst students learn importance of safety behind the wheel

June 18, 2018 by  

Students often learn best through experience, and a program at Lindenhurst High School aimed to show students the importance of making smart choices when driving by giving them an up-close look at what can happen when they drink and drive.

Called ‘Shattered Dreams’, a feature of the program was a mock accident. In the accident, a group of students pretended to be seriously injured, one of them fatally. The cause of the scene’s accident was a student who choose to drink and drive.

Along with in-school events, high schools can use brochure printing to distribute information on important subjects to students.

In addition to getting students to play the characters in the scene, the high school’s student council recruited local police and firefighters to “respond” to the accident. The police officers tested the student who was “driving” and “arrested” them for their offence.

Students in the junior and senior classes at Lindenhurst High School attended the program, which spanned two days. The second day featured a mock funeral service, as well as a speech from Bobby Petrocelli about his own experience with a drunk driver, which forever altered the course of his life. Petrocelli encouraged students to recognize their value and to carefully consider the impact the decisions they make have on the world around them.