Lighthouse to give view of November

November 8, 2013 by  

7-In-Heaven Singles has a special event lined up to take advantage of the re-opening of the Fire Island Lighthouse.

After meeting at the Robert Moses Parking Lot, attendees will walk down the beach’s boardwalk to get to the lighthouse. They will then be able to walk up to the top of the lighthouse, which provides a spectacular view of the ocean. Following the visit, the group will then proceed down to nearby Kismit Beach where there will be time for lunch.

Attendees should note that this trip requires a certain amount of physical stamina. The walk from the lot to the lighthouse is one mile, as is the walk from the lighthouse to Kismit Beach. Furthermore, the ascent to the top of the lighthouse is on a narrow staircase that goes up 182 steps, which might be a challenging climb for some.

7-In-Heaven Singles was founded by Gail Adams, a divorcee aware of the trials and tribulations of the dating scene. She created the company to allow like-minded individuals on Long Island to have the chance to meet and perhaps find romance.

Promoters for this event may very well turn to printing companies to create advertising materials like flyers and posters to be distributed in nearby areas like Lindenhurst, New York. They may also turn to brochure printers for informational pamphlets that can be handed out to attendees so that they can learn more about the company and future trips.

The event takes place on Sunday, November 10, at 11:00 am. There is a $5 attendance fee, plus the cost of any museums and shops stopped at along the way. Guests are expected to bring their own lunch.