Levittown businesses receiving special mention on Patch.com

April 14, 2012 by  

At least two local businesses are getting some free exposure on Levittown’s Patch.com site through its “Reader’s Choice” and “Business of the Week” segments.

Although most teams are well aware of the advantages a professional flyer printing campaign can have when it’s utilized correctly, the Levittown Patch.com page is clearly showing that businesses have another marketing tool in their arsenals.

Through its interactive features, the team of this particular Patch has been giving residents an opportunity to tell everyone about their favorite product and service providers. Case in point, a recent “Reader’s Choice” winner under the category of “Best Nail Salon” was Cleo’s Nails.

Having won not too long ago on March 30th, Patch honored the reader’s vote and wrote up a short blurb on the nail salon. The category for the following week was being listed as “Best Tax Preparer”. Once again people are given options to choose from and the process is going to be repeated.

Interestingly enough, Patch staff members aren’t stopping there in helping Levittown companies get their names out there. Through its “Business of the Week” program, staff selects a business from the local Patch directory and encourages readers to put in reviews.

This serves the dual process of allowing individuals to tell others about their experiences with a company while also giving residents an incentive for making a purchase. All that’s needed here is an entry in the business directory.

For those who are not familiar with Patch.com, it’s worth pointing out that this has the potential to be more than just another local news site to companies.