Blu Chip Marketing event taking place February 28th

February 16, 2012 by  

Levittown entrepreneurs and professionals have an option to attend a Blu Chip Marketing event on the 28th.

No matter what industry a company specializes in, marketing and sales is a concern that management must address every day. In light of the role that technology has come to play in people’s lives, however, questions with respect to digital business cards versus business card printing are becoming more and more prevalent.

For those who are looking for ways to maximize their marketing efforts, Blu Chip Marketing has put together a morning forum where attendees can hear qualified individuals give their thoughts on what it means to market successfully in this climate.

As the group advertisement clearly states, business owners and other professionals are invited to come up to Smithtown and:

“Join Blu Chip Marketing for Think and Do Tank. An informative panel of speakers will discuss the pros and cons of marketing your business face-to-face vs. marketing through the new world of social media and the internet.*Breakfast will be served” (sic.)

A point that’s of interest to businesses is how Blu Chip Marketing is gaining exposure by hosting an event that’s of use to prospective clients. As an all in one advertising solution, Blu Chip is going to be in the right place in the event that attendees decide that the services of another firm are necessary.

Starting at 8:00 am, this is an early event for entrepreneurs. Between the food and the information being imparted, however, this is an open discussion worth looking into.