Surf Movie Night takes place April 13th

April 10, 2012 by  

While the memory of last year’s surfing competition still fresh in people’s minds, the flyer printing that’s sure to be circulating through Long Beach and nearby communities like Island Park are going to be promoting yet another similarly-themed event to look forward to in the upcoming days with “Surf Movie Night” showing at Long Beach Cinema.

Being put on through the combined efforts of the Surf Movies Art Shaping and History (SMASH) and the Long Beach Surfers Association (LBSA), residents will be treated to four different documentaries as a part of this film festival. Covering everything from the experiences of professional surfer, Balaram Stack, to an honest and in-depth look at what the surfing lifestyle entails. Each put together by Long Beach-based filmmakers, this is an excellent opportunity to support the efforts of local professionals as well.

Priced at $10 for those who are members of the Long Beach Surfers Association and $20 for those who aren’t, this is being largely promoted as an event that’s been planned with the whole family in mind. With drinks and popcorn already factored into the costs, both the content matter and the quality of these films will serve to further reinforce the fact that surfing is becoming an increasingly important part of daily living here.

Taking place April 13th and officially starting at 8:00 pm, this is a great chance to appreciate another aspect of surfing. Whether a lover of movies or simply looking for a fun way to spend the evening, Island Park residents have the option of joining in on the fun.