Max Gottfried exhibit drops by

October 11, 2012 by  

Artist Max Gottfried will be opening an exhibition of his latest works this month at the Coffee Nut Gallery, entitled ‘Good to the Last Drop’. Featuring acrylic canvas paintings, silkscreen images, and 3D construction pieces, it promises to be diverse and fascinating.

Gottfried is a native of Long Beach, New York. He works as a professor at Nassau Community College, as well as alongside a number of artistic and creative organizations in the area. The inspiration for his pieces comes from an interest in comic books, film noir, and the complex nature of male and female relationships. His art style is highly influenced by 1930s streamline design, 1960s garage music, and vintage textiles. His work features dynamic colors and patterns which are drawn from his lifelong battle with migraine headaches.

The Coffee Nut Gallery is open from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm on most days. It is located in Long Beach, a short drive from Lynbrook, Oceanside, and Island Park. There is little doubt that the gallery will call on printing companies to create promotional materials to draw in crowds from these areas and other parts of Long Island. Printing companies may also be called on to create informational brochures for the gallery or about Gottfried’s work.

The exhibition will open its doors on October 17 and will be on display until November 7. On October 21, there will be an artist reception at 4:00 pm where art-appreciative guests will have an opportunity to meet Gottfried.