Local university gets into Irish spirit

March 13, 2013 by  

Revelers had a chance to get themselves warmed-up for this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day fun last Sunday, March 10, as Hofstra University celebrated the 15th year of its annual Irish Festival.

The event was held in the campus’ Physical Education Center in the North Campus area of the university, and ran from late morning until early evening. With Irish music to dance to (from the Tommy Mulvihill Band among others) , over 50 vendors selling Irish crafts and food, and activities available for children, attendees could get into the spirit of being Irish before the big day this Sunday, March 17.

Hofstra is located in Hempstead, New York, which is a short drive from places like Garden City, Oceanside, and Island Park. The organizers for the event may have looked to printing companies to create flyers and posters to be distributed in these areas and other nearby towns, while also getting the word out to off-campus residents in surrounding areas.

Vendors for the event may have considered contacting banner printing companies for banners with which to adorn their booths. In the run-up to events like this, business card printing companies can also come in handy, supplying vendors with cards so they can network and make some business connections while working there.

The University offers Dutch and Italian-themed festival in addition to its yearly Irish offering. Attendees could also rest safe in the knowledge that all proceeds generated from the event went towards the Hofstra University Scholarship Fund.